EngExp LLC by Dr. Jordan Spencer

  BACKGROUND INFO:   Engineering Experiments LLC was started in 1998 (under a different name) by Dr. Jordan L. Spencer. Spencer was a professor of chemical engineering at a major university for 40 years, teaching a range of courses, including unit operations laboratory courses.

The company now offers some ten teaching experiments for chemical engineering and related disciplines. These experiments cover a range of important topics, including separations, process dynamics and control, transport and fluid flow, and reaction kinetics. In many cases modern data acquisition and processing are part of the experiment. Several experiments are relevant to environmental engineering


Packed-Bed NH3 (or CO2) Absorber

Catalytic Hydrolysis of Ethyl Acetate

Power Consumption & Mixing Efficiency in Agitation

Membrane Air Separation

Copper Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Flash Vaporizer Dynamics and Control

Dye Mixer Dynamics and Control

Pump Characteristics Experiment

Wind Power Experiment

Hydrogen peroxide/sodium thiosulfate batch kinetics


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